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Roots Birthright Israel

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or stuck in cryogenic sleep for the last couple of years, you probably know all about Birthright Israel.  If you’re Jewish and between the ages of 18-26 and have never been to Israel on a peer trip before, Birthright Israel offers a wicked opportunity to visit Israel for 10 unforgettable days of touring for free.  Sweet deal? Wait it gets better.

This winter, IsraelfreeSpirit in conjunction with Roots offers eligible candidates the opportunity to visit Israel on the Chanel of birthright trips with upgraded buses, hotels and activities. As a participant on this trip, you will benefit from the opportunity to see Israel with Roots staff Groovin Reuven a veteran trip ninja master. The trip’s itinerary was drafted up by Roots expert staff to insure the highest quality programming and trip experience in Israel.

If you want the experience of a lifetime join us, registration starts 10 am September 10th. Contact us at  Make sure to include your date of birth, where you’re from (trip only available to those with a US address) and what the hey – tell us a little about yourself. We’ll put you on the mailing list for updates, and give you a reminder about the start of registration. Why not? It’s a free trip to Israel!

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