9.11 remember

911 Remembered

Anything written today about the 12 years that passed from September 11, 2001…”that day”… will feel like a cliche and an overused and under felt expression considering the gravity of that day. What can be said that hasn’t already been said? What words can be used that would bring comfort to the families, friends and communities of 2,977 people whose lives were so callously disregarded in the pursuit of psychotic jihad? What statements will, after 12 years, show the new generation growing up in New York that the lives they are privileged to live here can’t be taken for granted?

No words will do it.

But actions can.

Today while remembering those who didn’t live past that tragic day, take the time to do something that will create a positive change in the world. Give tzedekah, be a positive role model, help your friends and neighbors when they are struggling. Expand your potential to be a change agent in this world for the better, replacing justice where you see dishonor, greed, hatred and intolerance. Stay vigilant and knowledgeable about the world around you. Take action to empower yourself. Words fail, action won’t.


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