The Passover Guide Roundup

With less than two weeks to go, and cleaning and shopping already underway, here is our short review of four important Passover guides available online and for free.

If you are looking for valuable information to kashering (making kosher) different kinds of kitchen surfaces click here to access the PDF and view it without any ads!

The second guide is the KAJ Approved Pesach List, published by the highly reputable Washington Heights–based hechsher. You can download it in two parts here and here

The third guide can be accessed here and is from the Kasruth Council of Canada in Toronto (COR). It not only informs you of kashrus information, but also has articles such as, “Kosher for Passover for Sephardim” and “Guidelines for use of Medications on Passover”.

The final guide is the OU Guide to Passover for 2014/5774.  The well-known and highly sought-after Passover Guide can be downloaded for free here. We have embedded it directly on our site so that you can browse through it and read it at your leisure.

The booklet is replete with information that will help your Pesach be worry-free, enjoyable and meaningful. Plus, this guide also offers articles such as, “Raw Kosher Meat and Poultry for Passover” by Rabbi Moshe Klarberg, OU Kosher rabbinical coordinator. Parenthetically, it’s worth being aware that the OU has a new kashrus symbol. For the second time they have an OU Kitniyot certification symbol for all those who consume it on Pesach.

You’ll be able to download PDFs of:

  • OU Certified Products That DO NOT Require OU-P
  • Products Kosher when Bearing an OU-P, and Infant Formulas and Supplements
  • Non-Food Items and Guidelines for Medicine
  • OU-Kitniyot & OU-Matza Ashira Products
  • Halachic Times for Passover
  • Sizing Up the Seder
  • Sefirat HaOmer Chart
  • Passover Kitchen Tips
  • The Modern Kitchen Kashering Guide

By the way, you can always let your students and congregants know that they can turn to the free OU Kosher phone App, for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, and Androids. The app can be downloaded here. The Kof-K also has a free app that can be downloaded here.

Nowadays, you can also quickly reach all of these kashrus agencies on Twitter! Here’s the various Twitter handles:




If you have any question please feel free to email Rabbi Reuven at



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