The Three Tier Fellowship program is uniquely designed to advance a participant from novice to leader in a short span of 18 months.

Tier One consists of a fully sponsored 10-day trip to Israel via Birthright. As a Birthright provider, Roots tailors the Israel experience specifically to the needs and interests of our participants so they may achieve maximum impact.

Tier Two programming offers a unique opportunity to further explore one’s Jewish heritage. The elite program consists of a 10-part series of weekly study sessions combined with the opportunity for an authentic shabbat experience. Those that successfully complete tier two are then qualified for a partially subsidized 14 day adventure to Europe and Israel.

Tier Three is a highly competitive Leadership Development program that is designed exclusively for those participants with particularly promising leadership qualities, strong academic/professional achievement coupled with a passion for learning. The program will fuse text-based in-depth study, character development and experiential leadership training in a 20-part semi-monthly seminar series and a two-week heritage trip to Poland and Israel. The graduates of the program are encouraged to take active roles within the organization, and are empowered with the resources and support necessary to succeed in their philanthropic initiatives.

In addition to the Three Tier Fellowship model, we offer cutting edge, multifaceted programming that is both structured and fluid encompassing all aspects of Jewish living.

Jewish Lifecycle Programming: From apple and pomegranate martini tastings on Rosh Hashanah to a Sukkah party deep within one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods of the East Village – our lifecycle series offers a modern, sophisticated take on each of the Jewish holidays, without compromising the sanctity and warmth of the Jewish tradition.

Israel Advocacy and Education: Seminars, initiatives and programming are designed to educate, raise awareness, and help combat media bias and anti-Israel campaigning across local campuses and neighborhoods. Roots joins forces with other organizations to advocate for Israel through rallies, campaigns, and panel discussions showcasing varied perspectives, from the right to the left.
Educational Programming: Roots offers an extensive selection of educational materials to fit even the most demanding schedules. We offer a selection of regularly scheduled live, virtual and podcast classes available on a variety of topics including Jewish history, self development, ethics and ancient scripture. Additionally, specialized programming may include mini-series and widely sought after guest speakers. Yet our most distinctive offering in the broadly sourced educational curriculum is the constant development of new syllabus items customized to address those issues highly debated in today’s social, economic, political and ethical arenas. We offer candid dialogue and insights from ancient Jewish wisdom on controversial topics such as gun control, abortion and organ donations.

Community Service: Roots partners with a variety of other organizations in community wide initiatives to raise awareness and extend involvement opportunities to our participants. Volunteer opportunities include community wide blood and bone marrow registry drives, soup kitchen and food package deliveries to those less fortunate, as well as community revitalization projects and special fundraising initiatives. An annual month-long chesed campaign seeks to empower participants in their own individual community work initiatives.

Social Programming: Social and network events range from large galas at some of the most exclusive venues to intimate networking events and relaxed BBQs. Future programming will be extended to include sporting events and sponsored sport teams in local leagues.