Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

But the Best Things Come to Those Who Take Action


Want to staff a Birthright trip? Be the change in your community? Polish your leadership skills? Connect with other student leaders?

Become part of the RALI training program! Get a trip to Israel! Welcome, to the wolf pack!


The Roots Action Leadership Initiative (RALI)  is a semester long study experience with an additional focus on leadership. Each Seminar group consists of 30 outstanding

and diverse Jewish volunteer leaders. Serious Jewish learning unites these people who live in the same community but might otherwise never have worked together.  RALI FLYER 2

The Roots Action Leadership Initiative is a focused experience that requires a significant commitment of time and energy from each participant. Attendance at all Seminars is critical. There is reading and other preparation for each session as well.


Members attend three-hour evening Seminars approximately once every two weeks in the New York area. There are a total of 18 Seminars in each academic year.

Two weekend retreats, each 2-3 days in length, are hosted in local communities in the tri-state area.

Roots Action Leadership Education Initiative

The dynamic curriculum is grounded in the wisdom of our tradition and in cutting-edge leadership learning. Seminars and Institutes reflect the following curricular components:

Leadership Learning: Conceptual and practical approach to leadership learning, derived from Jewish and secular sources.

The History of the Jewish People: The story of our people from Biblical times to the 21st century. The emphasis on the major issues, personalities, and trends in Jewish history helps contemporary Jewish leaders to lead more effectively into the future.

Yesodot: Jewish Foundations: Exploration of the fundamental texts, ideas, and traditions underlying an active and committed Jewish life

Contemporary Issues: Confronting the complex challenges facing Judaism, the Jewish people and Israel today, including peer consultation on real-time leadership issues.


Members are admitted to the program through a three-part process: nomination, application, and personal interview:

1. Roots Action Leadership applicants first submit an application online HERE

2. Each applicant will be contacted for a phone interview.

3. The finalists are interviewed by a selection panel composed of Roots Staff, Board members, Roots Action Leadership alumni, and other respected Jewish professionals and leaders. Following the interviews, the final group of 30 members is selected.

What are we looking for in candidates?

Members are generally 21 to 30 years old and have personal, professional, and communal lives reflecting leadership and commitment to the Jewish people, as well as significant potential for future growth as Jewish leaders.

Note: Candidates need not possess all of these characteristics:

Demonstrated commitment to Judaism, the Jewish community, and/or Israel.
Intelligence, curiosity, and creativity.
Strong socialization and communication skills.
Demonstrated ability to attract followers.
Emotional stability and personal integrity.
Innate vision for future possibilities; the ability to articulate the vision; and the drive to make the vision a reality.

The Roots Action Leadership Program creates a unique culture of mutual respect among each group, as well as in its curriculum, faculty, and staff.

On successful completion of the program every participant receives a diploma of completion from Roots, and with it receives the title of a “Madrich” which gives the participant the official right to lead Roots groups in the USA and beyond.


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